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Prayer in the Midst of Her Adversity

Tianna came to us with a roller coaster of emotions. She was worried about her job and her finances. Additionally, neither the father of the baby nor her family offered any support.

She had already scheduled an abortion when she came to iChoose. Our sonographer explained fetal development and how well developed her baby was at this stage of her pregnancy. Although she was thankful for our services, she kept the abortion appointment scheduled.

But we did not give up! We called her a few days later. Tianna was encouraged that we had continued to pray for her but told us she was still planning on having an abortion. At that moment, we knew that we needed to fervently pray for this young Christian woman to trust and seek God in the midst of her adversity.

We followed up again – because we know there is always hope through God and prayer!

Tianna went to her appointment and found that it was too late for her to have an abortion. She felt relieved as she realized that she never wanted to have an abortion, but her fear had driven her to consider this choice. Although she had tried to fight God’s plan for the blessing of a baby, she had come to understand that His plan is always perfect! Tianna was now excited to have her baby, and eagerly signed up for our Parenting Program that week!

We are called to love and serve others, especially in challenging times. We thank you for your support that enables us to continue meeting and empowering mothers to choose Life, even in times of crisis.

"Reach down Your hand from on high; deliver me..." Psalm 144:7a

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