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Watching God Move

Kimberly was an older client, and she was shocked and overwhelmed when her pregnancy test result read as positive. Well into her career, single, and told she could never conceive, abortion seemed the only practical option in her mind.

She came to iChoose, and as soon as the conversation began, her Client Advocate realized that she wanted to talk about more than abortion. She wanted to talk about God and His will in her pregnancy. The Client Advocate gently shared God’s words of truth and grace. As they spoke, Kimberly began to understand that God loved her, He loved her baby, and she could not have an abortion.

The ultrasound left her in awe as she saw how developed her baby was at this stage in her pregnancy. She held an 11-week-old fetal model in the palm of her hand as she gazed in astonishment at the image of her baby on the ultrasound screen. Kimberly’s heart had been touched by the “Little Life” inside of her!

Every day our team of dedicated staff and volunteers share the hope of the Gospel with women and men who are facing pregnancy decisions. We are so grateful for His ongoing provision - through you - that allows iChoose to provide the love, compassion, and truth that women like Kimberly need to choose Life for their babies!

"For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb." -Psalm 139:13

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